Spring Accelerator

No large cohorts, set timelines or generic syllabuses. Our accelerator brings together established investors, industry mentors, and expert builders to design, and execute a tailored plan to take your startup to the next level within six months.

By accelerating with Spring Studios, you are joining the Hambro Perks global network

portfolio companies to date


funds, including the MENA focused HP Oryx Fund, and the $100m DIFC Venture Debt Fund

Take your business to the next level

We bring established investors, industry mentors and expert builders to pore over your startup, and design a tailored plan to take your startup to the next level.

Access to network & funds

Undivided attention

With less than four accelerator applicants accepted each year, we’re providing unparalleled support for successful applicants. More time, more focus, and better access to give your startup the attention it deserves.

Opening doors to exclusive circles

Access the most significant investors and fundraisers in MENA, and our core team of in-house builders, Fintech experts, advisors and mentors to take your start-up to the next level.

Tailored program and support

We build with you for 6 months, then leverage our investor network to raise at significantly better terms than you could access before – greater investment, less dilution.

Why build with Spring Studios?


An investment of $150k to boost your sales and tech capabilities, with the opportunity to receive further investment from later stage HP funds in the region.

Tailored Program

No large cohorts – hundreds of hours dedicated to your start-up through bespoke build and accelerate programs to tackle core business challenges

Regional Credibility

Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund and an international institutional investor on your cap table from day one


Build alongside expert in-house engineers, designers, and product developers, coupled with regular investor and venture-builder feedback

Bahrain Launch

Receive extensive support to set up in Bahrain including office space, regulatory advisory and institutional connections

Investment Network

Leverage Hambro Perks investment experts to design a business model that gets investor attention with additional support to close your Pre-Seed/Seed round


Tap into Spring’s EMEA-wide partner network to obtain strategic mentorship, rapidly expand and build traction.

About the program

Investment Terms

In-cash investment of $150k through a SAFE note for 8-12% equity

Application Deadline

15th of May, 2023

Start Date

1st of July, 2023


Program Structure


To kick off the program, we start by gathering information. We’ll work with your whole team to gain a deep understanding of each part of your business.
We aim to learn which parts of your startup are working well, which aren’t, and where we can work with you to add the most amount of value to accelerate your business over the acceleration program.
Once we’ve gained a deep understanding of your startup, we’ll work with you to define a tailored action plan to take your business to the next level.



Three months of intensive execution begin. You’ll have direct access to industry experts, mentors, and our core team of product builders to solve problems, build alongside you and answer questions as they arise.
We’ll work closely with your team during this time - helping them to up-skill, increase capacity and solve recruitment and team structural challenges. To drive growth, we’ll bring you to workshops, fireside chats, webinars, and pitch rehearsals to bring attention and community to your brand.
By the end of this phase, you’ll be prepared for the next phase of your business - with an optimised plan and roadmap, increased team capability, and a wealth of industry, customer, and advisory connections.


In the final three months, we’ll focus on helping you tap into the opportunities you’ve created so far. Marketing will ramp up - highlighting your startup across all our platforms and PR channels, bringing new customers and investor attention.
Leveraging the collective networks of Hambro Perks, the Oryx Fund, and the Al-Waha Fund-of-Funds, we’ll bring you warm introductions to top MENA investors, corporates, and institutions to drive partnerships and investment to your startup.
You’ll continue to regularly check in and have access to our team, providing you with feedback and support to enhance your pitch success rate and close more sales.


Program Modules

During the acceleration program, you will have the opportunity to build on core skills and develop an understanding of crucial aspects of enhancing and scaling your start-up. The modules will be divided into 8 pillars, each of which will have independent modules with focus on key areas.

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  • 2
  • 3
    Market & Localisation
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

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