Hamza Touhs

Sr. Software Engineer

Hamza is a dedicated software engineer whose work spans various aspects of technology including software development, machine learning, and blockchain. He has a strong interest in data science and deep learning, believing in the power of continuous learning to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape.

Hamza's diverse career encompasses leadership in software engineering, technical consultancy at BCG, and a notable tenure as a university instructor. His dedication to knowledge transfer is evident in his teaching of intricate courses on software engineering, software testing, and blockchain, complemented by active engagement in research to enhance his expertise and provide valuable insights into the field. In his professional endeavors, Hamza approaches software engineering with a problem-solving mindset, always looking for practical and efficient solutions. He values the opportunity to mentor emerging professionals, offering guidance drawn from his own experiences in the industry.

Away from the technical world, Hamza enjoys exploring his creative side through woodworking, 3D printing, and robotics. These hobbies are a testament to his hands-on approach and interest in practical applications of technology.

Hamza's journey is marked by a humble pursuit of knowledge and a desire to make meaningful contributions in both the academic and professional spheres of software engineering.