Mohammed Khalil Ait Brahim

Sr. Software Engineer

Khalil is a seasoned software engineer with diverse experience across various domains, including web development, blockchain, and cloud computing. Primarily a computer scientist, he possesses a profound affinity for algorithms and optimization techniques.

Commencing his career as a software engineer within the furniture retail sector, Khalil later progressed to the role of technical lead at a blockchain startup. Subsequently, he served as a technical consultant at BCG, showcasing his versatility in navigating different facets of the industry.

In addition to his professional roles, Khalil actively engages in programming competitions at both national and international levels. He not only participates but also contributes by creating problems and organizing contests. His proficiency extends to a wide array of technologies, including JavaScript, React, C++, Python, FastAPI, Docker, and expertise in Blockchain Smart Contract Development using Solidity.

Outside the realm of software engineering, Khalil indulges in his passion for music and gaming during his leisure time. An adept guitar player, he also finds enjoyment in playing video games, chess and is an avid football enthusiast.